Exhibitions · 08 December 2018
Alongside my latest work at Ironbridge Fine Arts where live jazz and great company made for a memorable evening.
Exhibitions · 05 December 2018
I am delighted to announce that my latest River Severn Paintings are now on display at Ironbridge Fine Arts.

Spirit of The Severn · 19 June 2018
Great weather, once again, as I continued my journey through Welshpool, picking up the Offa's Dyke Path at Pool Quay, before arriving in Llandrinio. Click the Videos tab to follow my progress.
Spirit of The Severn · 27 April 2018
I picked a good weekend in April to continue my journey down The Severn. I met more wonderful people who all had fascinating stories to tell about their emotional ties with the river including a lovely lady and her Jack Russell; see the sketch on my video. She reminded me why I have such a strong connection with my subject.

Spirit of The Severn · 03 March 2018
I completed the next leg of my journey along the river two weeks ago enjoying much better weather and some stunning scenery. Starting at Rhyd-y-benwch in the Hafren forest I followed the Severn Way for a further seventeen miles to Caersws leaving just 200 miles to the sea. I hope you enjoy my next installment and please feel free to share it with friends and family on social media.
Spirit of The Severn · 01 February 2018
This year I'm going to be exploring the river from source to sea and through the seasons, travelling on foot and in my homebuilt canoe, hoping to rediscover a subject I've been painting for the past 20 years. You can follow my journey every month as the story unfolds, concluding with my Spirit of The Severn exhibition in December.

Exhibitions · 03 January 2018
Warhol to Walker: Nine American Prints from Pop to Today at Worcester Museum and Art Gallery. Finishes 6th January. I visited this morning and found it to be a fascinating insight into the world of print making. Although a small and intimate exhibition, I relished being in the company of a few icons and some personal favourites; Jim Dine being one of them. It's not far away and it's free!
On-Site · 13 December 2017
You could be forgiven for thinking I was ice fishing, yesterday, but I was, instead, sketching an old oak tree that I frequently pass on my way to the river, not far from home. It was minus eleven when I checked the thermometer, shortly after breakfast, rising to a balmy, minus eight by the time I had captured this scene. When the weather is this cold I travel light. I keep a few sticks of charcoal in my pocket, carry a lightweight seat and a small sketchbook and then enjoy the moment!

Environment · 05 December 2017
You may remember that I took this photograph of plastic waste, littering a stretch of the Severn, two years ago and used it to raise awareness of a petition to ban single use plastic bottles. Well I'm encouraged to see that the whole plastic waste issue is back on the front pages and part of Government plans to tackle the problem but will they go far enough, mmm?
Exhibitions · 16 November 2017
Just before delivering a new body of work to Tinca Gallery, yesterday, I had just enough time to squeeze in a quick sketch. Here it is covering the full width of my sketchbook and showing the view from Portishead to Porbury Dock at low tide. I've used a coloured pencil, charcoal and pastel and then lifted out with a putty rubber. If you're in the area, my new work will be on display from next week. Tinca Gallery's details can be found on my gallery page.

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