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On-Site · 13 December 2017
You could be forgiven for thinking I was ice fishing yesterday but I was, instead, sketching an old oak tree that I frequently pass on my way to the river, not far from home. It was minus eleven when I checked the thermometer, shortly after breakfast, rising to a balmy, minus eight by the time I had captured this scene. When the weather is this cold I travel light. I keep a few sticks of charcoal in my pocket, carry a lightweight seat and a small sketchbook and then enjoy the moment!
05 December 2017
You may remember that I took this photograph of plastic waste, littering a stretch of the Severn, two years ago and used it to raise awareness of a petition to ban single use plastic bottles. Well I'm encouraged to see that the whole plastic waste issue is back on the front pages and part of Government plans to tackle the problem but will they go far enough, mmm?