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Tuition · 10 September 2019
I know how difficult it can be to find the right tutor...

Exhibitions · 16 July 2019
I was up well before the lark to capture this Shropshire scene.

News · 10 July 2019
Treat yourself or someone special!

On-Site · 25 June 2019
I sketch outdoors so often that I sometimes take for granted the benefits, not only to my work but also to my well-being.

Exhibitions · 05 June 2019
Ironbridge Fine Art's Summer Exhibition is underway in the jewel of Shropshire's crown.

Spirit of The Severn · 16 March 2019
Another stretch of the Severn Way beckons...

15 March 2019
Greenpeace have been running a study into microplastics in UK rivers, including the Severn...

News · 07 March 2019
Although I have resisted the lure of social media for many years, I have finally succumbed...

Exhibitions · 27 February 2019
When working I've very often got a dog with me because my family and I foster dogs for Dogs Trust...

Spirit of The Severn · 21 February 2019
Ironbridge Fine Arts was the perfect setting for me to tell the story of my life and work...

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