Take a Leaf Out of My Sketchbook!

Regular exercise, good food and enough sleep; that's what we're told and it's pretty simple stuff. Achieving this and maintaining it however, can often be illusive.



So what's this got to do with sketching? Well, I sketch outdoors so often that I sometimes take for granted the benefits not only to my work, but also to my well-being.

I can walk two or three miles on a typical outing and because there are so many distractions, anything from Kingfishers to Grass Snakes, I rarely notice the distance.

Once I'm absorbed in my sketching, my mind is completely cleared of any junk and an hour can whizz by.

Taking a flask of good coffee and a sandwich keeps me going and taste even better outdoors.

Yes, I know it's all part of what I do but, if you struggle with diets, lack motivation for the gym or need to clear your hard drive now and then, may I recommend low impact, low cost sketching!

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