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Spirit of The Severn
Spirit of The Severn · 26 January 2022
Ironbridge to Bridgnorth, another section of my source to sea walk completed.
Tuition · 16 October 2020
A rewarding day teaching on-site.

On-Site · 19 November 2019
I encourage my students to sketch regularly; daily if possible.
On-Site · 25 June 2019
I sketch outdoors so often that I sometimes take for granted the benefits, not only to my work but also to my well-being.

On-Site · 26 January 2019
Happy New Year and so with that in mind why not set yourself a simple goal...
On-Site · 13 December 2017
You could be forgiven for thinking I was ice fishing yesterday but I was, instead, sketching an old oak tree that I frequently pass on my way to the river, not far from home. It was minus eleven when I checked the thermometer, shortly after breakfast, rising to a balmy, minus eight by the time I had captured this scene. When the weather is this cold I travel light. I keep a few sticks of charcoal in my pocket, carry a lightweight seat and a small sketchbook and then enjoy the moment!